tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers at a vegetable marketLearning how to properly nourish your body and build a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle will help you to succeed in your personal health goals:

  • Food intake analysis and nutritional recommendations
  • Review of any nutrient depletion from pharmaceutical drug use
  • Nutritional supplement evaluation and recommendations
  • Review blood work and medical tests
  • Lifestyle strategies
  • Body composition

Based on your wellness and performance goals, we can also explore continued nutrition support; detoxification programs; realistic and achievable goal setting; strategies for healthy dining outside of the home; curbing sugar cravings; digestive solutions; healthy family dining; meal planning; weight loss and maintenance; gluten-free diets; healthy shopping; and nutrition for kids and teens (such as acne prevention, food and mood, adolescent vegetarians, appropriate weight management, nutrition for study skills, and proper nutrients for growth and development.)

Client Testimonials

"In over 25 years as a Physician and a founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, I have not yet found someone to surpass her ability to educate patients and motivate them to health-promoting behaviors."

Edward "Lev" Linkner, M.D

"This is just a quick note to thank you so much for your help with my diet, the extra work you did, and for your wonderful healing spirit."

Deborah M.

"Jim and I can't thank you enough for the herbal help you've given us. We feel blessed that you've touched our lives."

Donna and Jim R.

"Thank you for your help. It was a real learning experience. We will look at food very differently from now on..."

Jenny and Roger P.

"Whenever I need a kick in the pants, you graciously and gently guide me back to healthful ways!"

Dale L.