Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden


Cindy Klement has written the most important book on environmental toxins since Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

The World Health Organization study released in March of 2016 reported that nearly 12.6 million people worldwide died as a result of environmental factors in 2012.

What are the health consequences of continued exposure to environmental chemicals throughout a lifetime, beginning in the womb? Scientists found an average of 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns including pesticides, flame retardants, consumer product ingredients, and industrial pollutants. And that’s just the beginning. Exposure to contaminants continues thereafter on a daily basis creating a “body burden” or, simply put, an accumulated slurry of chemicals stored in our bodies.

What are these chemicals used for in industry? How are we exposed? Which tissues in the body are they stored in, and how do they affect our overall health? Can we detoxify persistent pollutants? Or, better yet, is it possible to further avoid them?

Referencing over 1500 published research papers highlighting the 25 most common chemicals affecting populations worldwide today, Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden not only provides answers to these questions but includes a comprehensive resource guide containing information on how to limit and even avoid future exposure.

"This is the best book I’ve seen on this topic. Well researched and backed up by scientific facts, this is a must-read for everyone, no matter their age or health."

Pam G. (Amazon Review)



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"An essential reference manual to understanding where the most dangerous toxins come from, how they are stored in our bodies, and what we can do to try to avoid them."

John J. Kelly (Amazon Review)

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"The go-to toxin reference for the 21st century - something every home should have!"

Dr. Deanna Minich, 4x best-selling author

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San Francisco Review of Books

By Grady Harp

Michigan author Cindy Klement is a nutritionist, integrative health specialist, herbalist, author and speaker and an adjunct professor of functional and integrative medicine at Eastern Michigan University. As impressive as these credentials are, perhaps the most cogent resource for Cindy’s excellent book is her personal history of her childhood struggles with asthma, skin problems, allergies, and gastrointestinal and renal problems that resulted in her embracing herbal medicine and nutrition as the source of healing...

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Natural Awakenings Article

By Cindy Klement

We all swim in a slurry of chemicals during our day-to-day life on this planet. Some of these chemicals become stored in our tissue, where they can remain for a lifetime, while other chemicals are eliminated within hours after exposure. There is a large compilation of research studying how these chemicals can affect our health and well-being, and concerns are mounting that exposure to different classes of chemicals may actually enhance toxicity and intensify their effects...

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Lansing City Pulse

By Bill Castanier

Have you looked under your sink lately? What about your laundry room or your medicine cabinet? What’s in those multitudinous sprays, creams and lotions could be a detriment to your health.

For example, Johnson & Johnson are on the hook for $4.7 billion in damages after a lawsuit found that their baby powder contributed to ovarian cancer found in 22 women...

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Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

By Cindy Klement

In the fall of 2013 I attended a lecture on health. The presenter at the time used the term ‘body burden.’ I assumed that the burden he spoke of was that which most of us carry, meaning either our emotional burden or the burden of excess body weight. The term stuck with me for a very long time, piquing my curiosity. As a professor I have access to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journals through the university online library, so one day I decided to see if searching ‘body burden’ would yield any published research...

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By Paula Gardner

Cindy Klement started working in the health field in the late 1970s, but her experience didn’t prepare her for what she discovered while researching everyday chemicals.

From dangerous health effects to minimal testing to public policy that allows “grandfathering” under the Toxic Substance Control Act, the trail raised concerns that built into alarm...

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AP NEWS Millenials Survey

In a recent national survey, most Millennials (approximately 9 in 10) acknowledged concern for their environmental chemical exposure, yet a significant number cannot identify toxin sources, nor are they trying to reduce their risks.

The survey, conducted by consumer insights and messaging consultancy Engagious, measured the level of understanding and attitudes toward environmental chemical exposures by people ranging in age from 18 to 38, across four U.S. regions...

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"At great risk to herself, [Klement] is exposing the industries who've put our health at risk. This book will stun you and shock you into action. Order an extra copy, because you will need it!"

Pat (Amazon Review)